About Us

Founded in 1946 and headquartered in Los Angeles, California, The Decurion Corporation is parent to four operating businesses. Pacific Theatres is a regional movie exhibition company. ArcLight Cinemas enhances and extends the moviegoing experience. Robertson Properties Group is one of the leading real estate development, acquisition, and property management companies in Southern California. And Hollybrook Senior Living is an assisted living business whose purpose is to deliver love in the context of affordable senior care. Decurion’s portfolio of companies employs about 1,500 persons (or “members”).


We are building a company that will thrive for generations. Consciously challenging existing norms, we require and cultivate connectedness, curiosity, authenticity, and autonomy. We seek to recognize and realize the potential in people, places, and society.


Our purpose is to provide places for people to flourish. By “flourish” we mean to become fully oneself, which includes living an undivided life and growing into what one is meant to be. Flourishing is the process of living into one’s unique contribution.


Three decades ago, we identified the values that guide our company:


If we can’t be proud of it, we don’t want to do it.


We feel a responsibility to treat people with fairness and decency.

Clock Building

We believe in managing and building this company to last at least through the next century.

Servant Leadership

We feel an obligation to contribute to the communities in which we operate.


We believe in providing an opportunity for individuals to develop, grow, and contribute.


We care about people.